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    DRC Ceramic Water Filter

    45 CFA 70 CFA
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    Purify and filter your drinking and cooking water, remove rust, impurities, dirt and get cleaner, clearer and healthier water for your family with our original water purifier.

    The most advanced activated carbon fiber (ACF) filtration technology has 10-12 times higher adsorption capacity than ordinary carbon, and can be washed and reused repeatedly. It inhibits bacterial growth, improves taste, softens hard water and reduces contaminants such as sediment, chlorine, cysts, benzene, asbestos, mercury and lead.
    EASY INSTALLATION - No permanent modifications to the kitchen sink are required, so it can be moved from one location to another with ease, making it a perfect choice for any rental home, apartment or temporary living space.

    • Discolored/brownish water that is dirty and unhealthy to drink and cook with?

    • Water with a “funny or weird” taste?

    • Rust flakes or unknown particles in the water?

    • Rust stains destroying your sink and stains on your clothes?

    Research shows that dirty water has killed more people than war and that is why you and your family should not take risks.

    We have a solution for you

    Protect yourself and your loved ones today with our original SWS ceramic water purifier that purifies and filters dangerous elements from dirty tap water and fortifies it, making it clean and healthy for your drinking and cooking .

    Original ceramic water filter

    The #1 water purification solution for every home

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