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    Super Long Range Access Point and Signal Booster up to 300 Mbps GB

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    Boost your wifi and extend the signal to a longer distance

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    Your wifi network does not reach all areas of your home and it bothers you?

    7 tips to improve your Wi-Fi connection

    Do not panic, thanks to our wifi repeater the internet connection will be distributed in all the rooms of your house

    Signal stimulation device

    This WiFi Range Extender can help boost your WiFi, extend the signal to a longer distance and eliminate WiFi dead zones, so you can use the network in any area of ​​your home. You don't have to worry about weak signals due to distance, walls and floors.

    Multiple Working Modes
    Repeater mode can easily expand your wifi range without cables, which is more convenient.
    ap mode can create a new wifi hotspot for sharing, so you don't need to disclose your private wifi.
    The LAN port allows you to use a wired connection.

    High Transmission Rate

    300Mbps high transmission rate, providing a smooth and stable connection for your equipment without buffering or lag. 2.4G frequency band signals can cover longer range and provide better wall passing capabilities.

    Universal compatibility

    support IEEE802.11 b/g/n standard, compatible with all related devices in home or office, such as: TV, computer, smart phone, wifi camera, wifi smart socket and other smart home devices.

    Easy Setup

    this WiFi booster has the latest built-in chip and upgrade program, you can use your mobile phone or computer to complete the settings easily. No professional knowledge is required, it is suitable for everyone. You can change the settings at any time without restoring them to factory settings, reducing the hassle.

    You will be contacted by ICI ALETON technical support staff to confirm the request with you.

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